The 1st International

Summer School

on Total-reflection

X-Ray Fluorescence

(1st ISS-TXRF)

from the 20th to the 24th of September 2021.


Prof. Teodoro Miano
Prof. Roberto Terzano
Dr. Ignazio Allegretta
Dr. Matteo Spagnuolo
Dr. Concetta Eliana Gattullo
Dr. Carlo Porfido
Dr. Ida Rascio
Dr. Pietro Borracci
Mr. Nicola Coco


Prof. Kouichi Tsuji – Osaka City University (Japan)
Dr. Peter Kregsamer – Technical Universitat of Wien (Austria)
Dr. Dieter Ingerle – Technical Universitat of Wien (Austria)
Dr. Ramón Fernández-Ruiz – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
Prof. Eva Marguí – University of Girona (Spain)
Dr. Hagen Stosnach – Bruker Nano GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Diane Eichert – Elettra Synchrotron (Italy)
Prof. Laura Depero - University of Brescia (Italy)
Prof. Laura Borgese – University of Brescia (Italy)
Dr. Fabjola Bilo – University of Brescia (Italy)
Dr. Ignazio Allegretta – University of Bari (Italy)
Prof. Roberto Terzano – University of Bari (Italy)
Dr. Matteo Spagnuolo – University of Bari (Italy)

"105" participants from
"28" different countries


Participants will have also the opportunity to present
and discuss their research activities interacting both
with lecturers and other attendants.

“The 1st ISS-TXRF is a unique context where participants can improve their knowledge, exchange ideas, and enlarge their scientific network and horizons.”

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Through theoretical lessons and practical sessions given by internationally-recognized experts,
participants will have the opportunity to learn or expand their knowledge about the basics and applications of TXRF in different scientific fields such as environmental sciences, food and agriculture, cultural heritage, nanomaterials, biology, etc.

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